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Cover photo: This bonkers 115-foot submarine was designed to host parties underwater. U-Boat Worx’s newest fleet member takes the festivities to a whole new level. The first of its class, the singular sub can dive some 650 feet below the waterline. “The UWEP will shake up both the submarine and hospitality industry and lead the way in bespoke underwater events,” U-Boat Worx’s founder and CEO Bert Houtman said in a statement. – Robb Report | Photo courtesy of Peek Creative Studios | Cape Cod, Massachusetts- 6/12/2022 – ‘Wet, exhausted — and strangely happy”: Thinking about the Figawi, Cape Cod race […]

Global Solo Challenge

The youngest entry so far in the Global Solo Challenge is American Gardner LaMaurice, who turns 25 this month

United Kingdom – 5/19/2022 – By GSC – Gardner LaMaurice, who will turn 25 this month, is now the youngest entry so far in the Global Solo Challenge 2023-2024. With his entry the young American wants to break the stereotype of sailing only being accessible to rich retired people and hopes to inspire others to follow his example. Gardner was already in the process of preparing his boat to complete a circumnavigation when he discovered the GSC and decided to enter. He believes that the added motivation of an organised event and a framework of regulations to comply with will make his project safer. As organisers we […]

Global Solo Challenge

The coast of Mauritania and the threat of piracy during the Global Solo Challenge race

United Kingdom – 5/16/2022 – By Sefo – Following winds… a favorable current… the sea helps the skippers move faster… Some sections of the Global Solo Challenge will be pure bliss for its participants. Nice weather, usually sunny with a pleasant temperature, makes life on board a real pleasure. Skippers can spend most of the time above deck and cultivate other interests other than navigation; read, listen to music, write… or simply enjoy the views that the Ocean and Nature hve to offer at any given time. In principle, once boats have put the Canary Islands behind them and the […]

Global Solo Challenge

Global Solo Challenge 2023-2024 sailing race now has 45 participants

Participants to gain the bragging rights of becoming a member of an elite group of sailors | New York, New York – 4/7/2022 – The Boating Chronicle – These days there is an explosion of sailing races taking place all around the world. However, there is one with a unique format—the Global Solo Challenge (GSC), a single-handed (meaning that there’s only one person on each boat), without assistance, non-stop, around the world sailing event. In principle, the GSC bridges the gap between high-budget, professional events and the very human, yet common, dream of a single-handed circumnavigation. It is designed for […]

Global Solo Challenge

Women who marked the history of offshore sailing

Global Solo Challange – 3/21/2022 – by Helena De La GandaraIt – It may not be very common to see women accepting – or having the opportunity to accept – challenges such as that of sailing single-handed around the world non-stop, but more and more are following in the footsteps of some brave female sailors who broke all sorts of barriers. Ocean sailing accounts for many great sailors who for one reason or another have earned a place in history. However, it is striking how few female seafarers embark on such great adventures and, in most cases, their little visibility. […]

Global Solo Challenge

What is the biggest challenge in a single-handed circumnavigation

Cover photo courtesy of Global Solo Challange. … United Kingdom – 11/29/2021 – By Global Solo Challange – Preparing boat and skipper for a non-stop single-handed circumnavigation by the three great capes is no easy task. Many are the challenges during preparation, financial, practical, as well as during the navigation itself. Getting to the start and sailing in the southern ocean are the recurring thoughts of many of our skippers. We asked them what they thought was the biggest challenge. What do you think will be the biggest challenge? Javier Lapresa – Honestly, I think the most difficult thing will […]

Global Solo Challenge

Sailboats with foils: the evolution seen by three masters, Sirena, Soldini and Pedote

United Kingdom – 7/14/2021 – By Marco Nannini, Global Solo Challange – In this article we tried to consult authoritative voices of sailing in explaining the evolution of sailboats with foils. Max Sirena of Luna Rossa, Giovanni Soldini of Maserati and Giancarlo Pedote of Prysmian Ocean Racing – International Monohull Open Class Association (IMOCA) class. Note: This article is a translation, we apologize in advance for any mistakes. However, we also wanted to explain before moving on to the actual interviews why there are currently three “currents of thought” in the world of foils for sailboats. First, the purely flying […]

Global Solo Challenge

So you want to race around the world?

Meet Global Solo Challange participant number 21: Australian Willi Fantom and his live-aboard dog Captain Mistchief … Solo Sailor For The Disabled … Australian Willi Fantom from Hobart is currently circumnavigating Australia promoting his campaign Solo Sailor For The Disabled in the faithful company of his live-aboard dog Captain Mistchief. They have been at sea together for the last three years becoming inseparable. After this charitable tour of Australia Willi will start preparations for the Global Solo Challenge by modifying the boat as required by the regulations and setting off from Western Australia bound for Cape of Good Hope then […]

Global Solo Challenge

Meet Global Solo Challange participant number 22: French Antoine Douguet from Deauville

Antoine Douguet from Deauville in France has always dreamed to sail around the world as part of a race or an event. However, two issues stood in the way. The first was the budget required to enter any existing event. The second is his passion for classical boats. As the 22nd entry in the Global Solo Challenge, he will be able to sail his 41.6ft steel Frans Maas called Dur au Mal launched in 1962 making it finally possible for Antoine to pursue is lifelong dream. Interview By Marco Nannini Where does your passion for sailing come from? I Grew […]

Global Solo Challenge

Seasickness, how to deal with it and manage it safely

United Kingdom – 6/2/2021 – By Marco Nannini – Seasickness is caused by the interaction between the organs of balance, the visual and tactile systems and the brain. While being thrown around a boat, our brain cannot reconcile the messages it receives. It is over-stimulated by conflicting information caused by the continuous acceleration and deceleration. The result is that the brain comes to the conclusion that you have been poisoned! It therefore induces the body to vomit to get rid of the harmful substances that it imagines have been ingested. It is therefore an instinctive survival reflex, unfortunately useless, because […]