Four American Skippers are ready to take on the Global Solo Challenge

Global Solo Challenge (GSC) Headquarters – 7/9/2023 – by Hal – As the excitement for the 2023-2024 Global Solo Challenge (GSC) builds, the sea’s call has enticed a varied and impressive group of sailors from around the world. Among them are four American skippers, each with their unique stories and compelling motivations for tackling the demanding circumnavigation. From the strength and perseverance of a combat-wounded Marine Corps veteran to the passion of a lifelong sailing enthusiast; from the childhood dream of a seasoned sailor to the adventurous spirit of an investment manager turned marine voyager, these four Americans bring a rich variety of experiences and determination to the event.

They are: Ronnie Simpson, an American, combat-wounded, and retired Marine Corps veteran. David Linger, a 60-year-old American and lifelong sailing enthusiast. Curt Morlock, a 64-year-old American, will be participating in the first edition of the Global Solo Challenge (GSC), starting from A Coruña, Spain in December 2023. Peter Bourke, an American entrant has acquired a second-hand Finot-Conq designed Open 40 yacht named ‘Imagine’ for the challenge. These four Americans not only reflect the spirit of the GSC but also the diverse paths that have led each of them to this prestigious sailing competition. Read on to explore their unique journeys and aspirations for this challenging solo voyage around the globe.


Peter Bourke

David Linger

Curt Morlock

Ronnie Simpson