Curt Morlock – Global Solo Challenger Number 54

GSC – 7/9/2023 – By Hal – Curt Morlock, a 64-year-old American, will be participating in the first edition of the Global Solo Challenge (GSC), starting from A Coruña, Spain in December. Aboard his Open 60 sailboat (ex-IMOCA), named 6 Lazy K, Morlock will be among the last to set off due to the staggered start times according to boat performance. His sailboat is a proven competitor, having participated in several races, including the Vendée Globe and the Around Alone. It was built in 1999 by Thierry Dubois and carries a track record of impressive performance.

Morlock, originally from South Florida and now living in Colorado, has always been drawn to the sea. He began sailing on his father’s 36-foot sloop at 10 years old. His childhood dream of sailing around the world has been revived in retirement, prompting him to acquire 6 Lazy K in 2021. The boat, known for its safety features, including 15 watertight compartments and a rear edge designed for easy reboarding, was renamed in reference to his Colorado ranch.

Despite living far from the ocean, Morlock dedicates his time to preparing 6 Lazy K for the challenge. He has been residing at the V1D2 shipyard in Normandy, France, where his boat is located, working daily on necessary modifications. These preparations, in addition to the safety-conscious ethos of the GSC, provide comfort for Morlock’s family as they support his dream. Morlock, a seasoned hunter, is confident about the solitude and sustenance challenges of the voyage.

Morlock expects his circumnavigation to last between 100 and 120 days, depending on weather conditions. He plans to complete his qualifying passage in July before attempting a transatlantic round trip. Inspired by Jean de la Fontaine’s fable “The Hare and the Tortoise,” Morlock is enthusiastic about the GSC’s format and eager to take to the water, hopeful that, in this instance, the “hare” will prevail.

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Cover photo: Courtesy of Curt Morlock