Peter Bourke – Global Solo Challenger Number 5

Peter Bourke, an American entrant in the Global Solo Challenge (GSC), has acquired a second-hand Finot-Conq designed Open 40 yacht named ‘Imagine’ for the challenge. The yacht, predominantly built of carbon composites and renowned for performance and reliability, was previously used as a liveaboard for a couple and their three children. It is anticipated that ‘Imagine’ will set off from A Coruña, Spain, in October due to its high anticipated performance in the staggered start format of the GSC.

Bourke was born in England before his family moved to the USA, where he later served in the American Marine Corps in Vietnam. His career in investment management enabled him to own an Outbound 44, which he raced and cruised over 33,000 nautical miles, including a class win in the Bermuda 1-2. Bourke also participated in the 2009 OSTAR (Solo Transatlantic race) against the GSC founder Marco Nannini, where he encountered several challenges that he believes will be beneficial learning experiences for the GSC.

In addition to his sailing exploits, Bourke has authored a book titled ‘Sea Trials’, documenting his experiences and personal reflections on life at sea. All profits from the book are donated to the Semper Fi fund, an organization supporting injured Veterans and their families.

Bourke purchased ‘Imagine’ while it was in Trinidad and recently sailed her up to Charleston, South Carolina, for a refit. After finishing the refit by May’s end, he plans to complete the required 2,000 mile solo qualifying sail by crossing the Atlantic to Spain. Upon arrival, he anticipates finishing any minor projects before the challenge commences in October, while also enjoying some relaxation time in Spain.

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Cover photo: Peter Bourke. Courtesy of Peter Bourke