Olympics 2020

Sailing events of the Olympic Games: July 25 – August 08, 2021

The 2020 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, will be held in and around Tokyo, Japan. While the initial dates have been postponed to 2021, the event will still be named as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. |  Fri. July 23: Opening Ceremony|  Sun. July 25 to Fri. July 31: Sailing Events|  Sun. Aug. 08: Closing Ceremony Venue The sailing events will be held south of Tokyo in the city of Enoshima, the same sailing venue utilized during the 1964 Summer Games. Fifteen athletes will represent the United States of America in ten Olympic classes. Sailing Events Single-handed:|  RS:X […]

37th America's Cup

Location of the next America’s Cup (AC37) is up for grabs

Cover photo: Grant Dalton, CEO of the Emirates Team New Zealand. Archive Photo AC36 by: Hamish Hooper / Emirates Team New Zealand. … Auckland, New Zealand – 6/16/2021 – Emirates Team New Zealand representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS) and the New Zealand Government, along with Auckland Council, have concluded exclusive discussions regarding funding for the next America’s Cup (AC37) following Emirates Team New Zealand’s successful defence in Auckland of the 36th America’s Cup in March this year. During the three-month exclusive negotiating period between New Zealand agencies and Emirates Team New Zealand, they have not been able to reach a […]

Global Solo Challenge

So you want to race around the world?

Meet Global Solo Challange participant number 21: Australian Willi Fantom and his live-aboard dog Captain Mistchief … Solo Sailor For The Disabled … Australian Willi Fantom from Hobart is currently circumnavigating Australia promoting his campaign Solo Sailor For The Disabled in the faithful company of his live-aboard dog Captain Mistchief. They have been at sea together for the last three years becoming inseparable. After this charitable tour of Australia Willi will start preparations for the Global Solo Challenge by modifying the boat as required by the regulations and setting off from Western Australia bound for Cape of Good Hope then […]

Global Solo Challenge

Meet Global Solo Challange participant number 22: French Antoine Douguet from Deauville

Antoine Douguet from Deauville in France has always dreamed to sail around the world as part of a race or an event. However, two issues stood in the way. The first was the budget required to enter any existing event. The second is his passion for classical boats. As the 22nd entry in the Global Solo Challenge, he will be able to sail his 41.6ft steel Frans Maas called Dur au Mal launched in 1962 making it finally possible for Antoine to pursue is lifelong dream. Interview By Marco Nannini Where does your passion for sailing come from? I Grew […]


IOC Approves Men’s and Women’s Kiteboarding as Sailing’s 10th Medal Event for Paris 2024

Bristol, Rhode Island – 6/10/2021 – Today World Sailing was informed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that the IOC Executive Board approved Men’s and Women’s Kiteboarding (Formula Kite) for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition. The Men’s and Women’s Kiteboarding Events will replace the Mixed Kiteboarding and Mixed Offshore Events that were democratically selected by World Sailing’s members and remained World Sailing’s first-choice events for Paris 2024. Paul Cayard, Executive Director of U.S. Olympic Sailing said “The US Sailing Team is focused on being the best sailor athletes in the world, no matter the equipment. We will be ready […]

Venice Boat Show

“Naval art has returned home”

Venice, Italy – 6/6/2021 – The second edition of the Venice Boat Show ended in a unique and dreamlike atmosphere. Full satisfaction from exhibitors and visitors who have crossed the 30,000 mark. Venice thus confirms itself as the gateway to the East for pleasure boating. The promise of the Mayor of the city of Venice Luigi Brugnaro was clear, carved on the red and ancient bricks of the historic Arsenale: “I want the Boat Show to be, together with the Architecture Biennale, the signal for the restart of Venice and the whole of Italy”, he always said. And the promise […]


Japan crowned Italy SailGP champion after a thrilling day of racing in front of sold-out crowds in Taranto

Taranto, Italy – 6/6/2021 – By SailGP – Photos courtesy of SailGP – SailGP fans were out in force in Taranto on Sunday to watch Japan win the Italy Sail Grand Prix and be crowned the second event champion of Season 2. With on-shore tickets sold out and nearly 1,000 boats on the water watching the Race Day 2 action, Season 1 runner up Japan beat Spain and the United States – the latter of whom broke down in dreadfully unfortunate circumstances – in the winner-takes-all podium Final to claim ItalySGP victory and add ten points to its total in […]


United States and japan dominate the opening day of Italy Sail Grand Prix with three crew on board due to wind conditions in Taranto

Taranto, Italy – 6/5/2021 – by SailGP – Photos courtesy of SailGP – The United States and Japan are in pole position to qualify for the Italy Sail Grand Prix Final with both teams winning 21 points on the first day of racing in Taranto. Jimmy Spithill’s US Team won two of three fleet races on the first race day, with Japan claiming a single victory, as light wind conditions in southern Italy meant each F50 only featured three crew rather than the usual five. The US won the first and final races of the day, sandwiching a lone Japanese […]


SailGP’s eight-nation fleet touches down in Taranto for June 5-6 races

Taranto, Italy – June 2, 2021 – In just a few days SailGP’s adrenaline-fueled racing is set to kick-off for the first ever Italy Sail Grand Prix on June 5-6 in Taranto. Packed with excitement and drama, Season 2’s opener in Bermuda set the stage for new challenges, familiar rivalries, and unforgettable crashes. Now in Taranto, the energy is surging as teams prepare for another wave of high-octane, hydrofoiling action on the water. All eight national teams took to the shoreline racecourse today sporting 24 meter wingsails, giving each team a chance to reacquaint themselves with the high-tech, identical F50 […]

Global Solo Challenge

Seasickness, how to deal with it and manage it safely

United Kingdom – 6/2/2021 – By Marco Nannini – Seasickness is caused by the interaction between the organs of balance, the visual and tactile systems and the brain. While being thrown around a boat, our brain cannot reconcile the messages it receives. It is over-stimulated by conflicting information caused by the continuous acceleration and deceleration. The result is that the brain comes to the conclusion that you have been poisoned! It therefore induces the body to vomit to get rid of the harmful substances that it imagines have been ingested. It is therefore an instinctive survival reflex, unfortunately useless, because […]