Cover photo: Canada – This tiny floating home is a restored boat originally built for the Expo’86 in Canada. – Yanko Design |

USA – 8/12/2022 – Boat of the week: This 138-foot superyacht Is worth $23 million, but you can own It for the price of a supercar. How do you buy a new superyacht at a fraction of its list price? Fractional ownership. The private-jet business model is moving to yachts. – Robb Report |

USA – 8/11/2022 Attention Southern California Boaters! Save These Dates for Marine Flare Collection Events. The BoatUS announces two upcoming marine flare collection events in your area on Saturday, August 27 (Dana Point Harbor – for Orange County residents/boaters only) and Saturday, September 10 (Newmark’s Yacht Centre, Wilmington – for Los Angeles County residents/boaters only). You can take advantage of these events which are hosted by OC Waste & Recycling and the Port of Los Angeles and sponsored by West Marine, California State Parks, California Coastal Commission and the Marina at Dana Point.

You may download these event flyers to share with friends online or in person by going to the August 27 Dana Point Harbor,  September 10 Newmark’s Yacht Centre, Wilmington, CA

USA – 8/11/2022 – Orca that sunk a boat with a family of five on board on July 31, rammed another vessel within hours. – Newsweek

Manatees are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous marine mammals sometimes known as sea cows.

Florida – 8/11/2022 – Florida petitioned to protect manatees by improving boater safety. More than 1,150 manatees killed by watercraft over past decade – Center for Biological Diversity

Outer Banks, North Carolina – 8/11/2022 – Public invited to provide input on proposed boating safety zone near Oregon Inlet. – Island Free Press

Canada – 8/11/2022 – A new tax on yachts, luxury cars and private aircraft designed to hit the super-rich could also cover vehicles meant to help the environment, a tax expert warns. The luxury goods tax, which will come into force on Sept. 1, will cover cars and SUVs, as well as private planes and helicopters, worth more than $100,000. The federal tax will also cover yachts and boats — including motorboats — worth more than $250,000. – Coast Reporter

Canada – 8/11/2022 – TV host to wwim from Canada to Greenland. Author and television host Justin Fornal is preparing to swim across Kane Basin, a stretch of 50 ice-choked kilometres of ocean between Canada and Greenland. Fornal’s team left New York on August 7 and is now in Greenland.-

Netherlands – 8/11/2022 – In pictures: Europe’s mighty rivers are drying up in the climate-driven drought. – Euronews

Turkiye – 8/11/2022 – Mass production of Türkiye’s 1st unmanned marine craft begins. – Daily Sabah

USA – 8/9/2022 – If you are involved in a boating accident, what is the first thing you should do? –

Keel loss

New Zealand – 8/9/2022 – The Importance of Answers . The inherent stability of a modern monohull sailboat is something that all sailors take for granted. That chunk of lead or steel that hangs below the boat is there to counter the press of the wind, to keep us relatively upright even when our sail choice might be too optimistic, and to pop us back up when squalls come calling. – Live Sail Die

2022 Palm Beach International Boat Show generated over $1 billion for State of Florida

West Palm Beach, Florida – 8/10/2022 – Reportedly the 2022 Palm Beach International Boat Show took the yachting and boating industry by storm, generating over $1 billion for the State of Florida and cementing its position as one of the most impactful boat shows in the entire country for another year in a row. The event, which took place March 24-27 along Flagler Drive’s waterfront, was a testament to the continued demand for the latest boating and yachting products that have been highly sought after since 2020.

Numbers are in: Exhibitors at the 40th anniversary of the show brought in $725 million in sales and over 55,000 visitors attended the most luxurious boating and yachting event in South Florida, capping off another phenomenal year for the iconic West Palm Beach event.

“We are beyond thrilled by the results coming out of this year’s Palm Beach International Boat Show,” said Andrew Doole, President of U.S. Boat Show with Informa Markets and producer of the event. “We could not have asked for a better showing during this milestone year for the event, and we are grateful to our partners at the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County, City of West Palm Beach Mayor James, and the entire Informa staff for their collaboration to make this event a massive success for our industry and the region.”

Key figures from the 2022 economic impact report, which was published and conducted by Thomas J. Murray & Associates, show that:

  • The 2022 Palm Beach International Boat Show generated an estimated $1.05 billion in economic impact throughout the state of Florida, resulting from marine industry sales and travel/entertainment expenditures by Boat Show exhibitors and attendees
  • 6,000 full-time and part-time jobs were generated throughout Florida, and are associated with a state-wide personal income impact output of $342.3 million
  • Total estimated sales for exhibitors during the Boat Show reached $725 million
  • Total sales and local taxes generated state-wide because of the Boat Show were an estimated $51.86 million

“The Palm Beach International Boat Show has shown time and time again what makes West Palm Beach a special and unique destination for the global boating and yachting community,” said City of West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James. “We are incredibly fortunate to work alongside Informa Markets and the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County to make this show a complete success, especially for our statewide economy and tourism sector.”

“The Palm Beach International Boat show showcases the greatest in boating and yachting, providing an exceptional weekend for marine enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs,” said Austin Burkett, President of the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County Board of Directors. “This year’s Boat Show secured its spot as an economic powerhouse for the state of Florida, and we look forward to welcoming back exhibitors and attendees to downtown West Palm Beach in early 2023.”

The latest economic figures from the Palm Beach International Boat Show come on the heels of the impressive results generated by the 2022 Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show and the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which contributed over $2 billion to the state economy. The shows, which are all produced by Informa Markets, evidence the industry-leading prowess of the global trade show producer and the dominance it has in the boating and yachting industry.

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